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Our Story

The Mellcure brand is an e-commerce retailer registered in 2021. We sell Brand, New Authentic products, which we buy wholesale from our reliable verified supplier network that we have been working with for years, in our warehouse in California, through handlers, stocks and online marketplaces all over the world. The main reason for our success is high customer satisfaction and fast shipping. As Mellcure, we always prioritize the satisfaction of our customers. And we do our best to ensure that our orders arrive quickly and reliably. Within the scope of the commercial insurance agreement we made with CHUBB Insurance in December 2022, our products that we sell to all countries of the world through online marketplaces are insured. The fact that we do not avoid the cost of insurance, which many e-commerce retailers avoid, shows the importance we attach to our work. Our company, which has grown by 50% as of 2022, has started to expand its supplier network and makes new supplier agreements from all over the world. Mellcure supplier policy is based on the principle of continuous and regular supply. In this way, suppliers from many parts of the world want to work with Mellcure. If you want to be a supplier of Mellcure, you can fill out the contact form.

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