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Skinfood Salmon Concealer Concealer Cream for Dark Circles 10g


Salmon Concealer is not just an under-eye concealer.

In addition to its high concealer effect, the Norwegian salmon oil contained in its content strengthens the skin against external influences and helps to slow down the effects of aging.

Skinfood Salmon Concealer Concealer Cream for Dark Circles 10g

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Color1: 1
Color2: 2
  • Salmon caviar oil contains more than 18% Omega-3, DHA and EPA fatty acids and provides an illuminating effect with regular use for dark ring problems that occur under the eyes while nourishing the eye area thanks to the numerous nutritional properties in its content.


    With Hokkaido Salmon Extract, Vitamin E, Retinol, Omega 3 fatty acids provide intensive hydration and care to the skin.


    Its smooth, creamy and fine texture integrates easily with the skin, brightens the eye area for a more vibrant, youthful appearance. Thanks to salmon caviar extract and oil, it will effectively hide the dark color difference around the eyes.


    Color selection 01;

    Wheat and lighter skin types are also the recommended number 01 for those who prefer a bright appearance of the under-eyes.

    When choosing the Skinfood Salmon concealer color, we recommend that you make a decision by considering the effect that you want to see under and around the eyes after applying the product, not your skin tone.


    Color selection 02;

    It is the recommended number 02 for those with darker skin types than wheat and those who prefer the natural appearance of the under-eyes.


    Usage: Apply the appropriate amount of concealer gently after applying the foundation or without applying the foundation

    it is applied to the surrounding area by buffering method with a brush or fingertips.

    It can be fixed with powder after application.


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